How Donations Are Used

1) Recent Funding

  • -Grants to families in community of "Nofei Nechemyia" with electrical appliances damaged by electrical blackouts and brownouts as well as current surges from erratic electricity supply

  • -Funding of food bank providing meals to needy families

  • -Financial assistance with building of 400 square meter school classroom in the community of Rechalim

  • -Funding of a new Multi Media Video Editing Center for the High School in the community of Revava

  • -A sponsor of "The March Of The Shomron (Samaria)" a gathering of thousands of people expressing their solidarity with the communities in Samaria. Shuva Israel assisted by paying for 12 buses to bring more than 600 participants to this event

    and much, much more!

2) Ongoing Funding

  • - Assistance with absorption of more than 2,500 new immigrants since 1998

  • - Promotion of Christian volunteer work program in communities in Samaria with "HaYovel" Ministry

  • - University scholarships to students from needy families

  • - Planting vineyards for farmers in the Hills of Samaria

  • -Budgetary support for public relations office of Shomron (Samaria) Regional Municipality

  • -Tourism/Hundreds of visits to Samaria in cooperation with Christian Ministries

  • - Renovation of Joseph's Tomb in Nablus (Sekhem) and funding of monthly visits

  • -Expansion of educational facilities

  • -Home repairs

  • - Dental services

    and much, much more!